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Internationaler Sprachaustausch - Sprachaustausch in Österreich von Urs


53 Jahre | Österreich

Hi, my name ist Ursula. I´d like to learn a better English because my conversation style ist very simple und I feel uneasy. I need English in my profession (conversation with patients und for writing articles in professional journals). Furthermor I`m very interested to get to know other people and foreign cultures. I like traveling in Austria, Europe and around the world and there is the problem in conversation.

My favorites are sport, mountain, creativity, music, culture, architecture (oecological living), cooking, education/psychology/psychotherapy.

I think, I can give you a high quality in german conversation and writing.

I´m looking forward if you feel adressed, Ursula

Muttersprache Deutsch

Meine LernspracheEnglisch


Urs spricht Deutsch und möchte Englisch


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